Outdoor Revolution Movelite Cayman Deltair Driveaway Awning 2018

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A super awning with a medium sized space, yet lightweight and compact. Suitable for vehicles between 180 – 240cm….Packed full of features. 

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Outdoor Revolution Movelite Cayman Deltair Driveaway Awning 2018

The latest addition to the ‘Cayman’ range; Outdoor Revolution Movelite Cayman Deltair Driveaway Awning 2018 provides an ideal middle-ground between the ‘Cayman Air’ and ‘Cayman Cacos Air’, offering plenty of innovations normally found in more expensive, premium inflatable models; this driveaway is incredibly spacious and ideal for smaller families, sleeping up to two adults with an optional ‘Two Berth Inner Tent’ and fitting vehicles from 180cm to 240cm to the awning channel.

The ultra-lightweight 68-Denier fabric is designed to pack down quickly and easily into its compact carry bag; this product is ideal where weight, pack size and speed are of the essence. The contemporary hex-print gives the drive-away a stylish aesthetic. The fabric is highly water-resistant – water simply beads onto the surface and rolls off; the lighter-coloured roof material reflects heat, retaining a comfortable temperature within the awning.

The ‘Oxygen Air-Frame’ is the easiest, quickest inflation system on the market, with no adjoining pipes/taps spoiling the clean lines of our designs. The two air-frame tubes are speedily inflated using the ‘Dual-Action Hand Pump’ provided, whilst the famed ‘Dynamic Speed Valve’ makes deflation just the push of a button. The patented pressure relief valve expels any excess air above 6PSI (typically caused by over-inflation or changes in the ambient temperature); all valves are discretely concealed by a Velcro cover. The integral enclosable front canopy and side eyebrow canopy are extremely simple to pitch by assembling and threading through the inclusive fibreglass poles.

Panoramic PVC windows allow you to really encapsulate the outdoors, from the luxury of your awning, whilst complementary zip-in curtains offer a degree of privacy and a sense of ‘homeliness’. A single rear cowl access door allows easy access to your vehicle, without disturbing sleeping guests.  This means that you don’t have to get the sewn in groundsheet dirty if you just need to nip to the vehicle and don’t wish to go through the whole awning. The zip-back front door functions as an integrated enclosable porch area/canopy. The zip-back side door incorporates a ‘Phoenix Mesh’ door panel, optimising airflow and keeping out those pesky insects; this is produced from an assisted-healing ‘smart’ mesh, which self-repairs damage caused by consistent usage. This door features a convenient eyebrow canopy, creating a small, sheltered porch area.

This campervan awning comes complete with a sewn-in groundsheet, ample side ventilation, storm strap attachment points, twin piping (4mm x 6mm) and ‘Lumi-Link’/’Lumi-Lite’/’Up’ & ‘Downlighter’ attachment points. Also, a broad array of accessories are available to complement this model (see optional extras). The awning includes a one-year warranty against any manufacturing faults, whilst the tubes hold our exclusive ‘Lifetime Guarantee’.

Outdoor Revolution Movelite Cayman Deltair Driveaway Awning 2018 Features

  •  68HD Hex. Endure Fabric – Ultra-Lightweight Material with a Contemporary Hex-Print.
  • Two Main Oxygen Air-Frame Tubes – Multiple Inflation Point Frame with Two Quick-Inflating Air-Beams.
  • Two Fibreglass Canopy Poles (Front & Side) – To Uphold Functional Shelters with Protection Against the Elements.
  • Dynamic Speed Valves – The Quickest, Simplest & Most Reliable Inflation Valves on the Market.
  • Intelligent Frame Relief Valve Protection System – Our Exclusive Pressure Relief Valve to Prevent Over-Inflation, Expelling Any Excess Air Above 6PSI.
  • TPS Twin Piping System (4mm x 6mm) – For Attachment of the Awning to Your Caravan or Motorhome.
  • Clear PVC Windows – To Provide a Crisp, Panoramic View of Your Surroundings, From the Comfort of Your Awning.
  • Zip-In Curtains – To Provide an Element of Privacy & Create a Feel of ‘Homeliness’.
  • Phoenix Mesh. Side Door – Created from an Assisted-Healing ‘Smart’ Mesh, Self-Repairing Any ‘Snag’ Damage Caused Over Time.
  • Side Ventilation – To Maintain Sufficient Air-Circulation & a Comfortable Temperature Within the Awning.
  • Rear Cowl Access Door – To Allow Entry to the Vehicle Without Traipsing Through the Whole Awning.
  • Storm Strap Attachment Points – To Attach ‘Endurance Storm Straps’ for Extra Stability During Poorer Weather Conditions.
  • Lifetime Guarantee – On the ‘Oxygen Air-Frame’.
  • Sewn-In Groundsheet – To Reduce Water Ingress into Interior & For Convenience.
  • Includes Electrical Hook-Up Point – To Power Electrical Appliances within the Tent.
  • Zip-Back Front Door Enclosable Canopy
  • Zip-Back Back Side Door with Eyebrow Canopy
  • Includes Pegs, Dual-Action Hand Pump & Lumi-Link/Lumi-Lite Attachment Points.

Outdoor Revolution Movelite Cayman Deltair Driveaway Awning 2018 Specifications

  • WIDTH: 300cm
  • DEPTH: 425cm
  • HEIGHT: 180-240cm
  • WEIGHT: 11.5kg
  • PACK SIZE: 65*29*29cm

This awning has been specifically designed and is perfect for touring use; it is not designed for seasonal or residential purposes




Many Motorhomes or Camper vehicles have one of these two types of windout awnings attached to them which have a channel available. These will need a Kador and Figure of 8 conversion to get the beading to be the correct size as that sewn into the awning itself is too large to go straight into the channel on these windout awnings. Therefore if you have the Thule Omnistor you will need this item here, and if you have the Fiamma you will need this item here along with the Figure of 8 here.


There are a few options for attaching this awning to your vehicle which depends slightly on the type of vehicle. The older vans such as the T2 and T25 with the gutter channel may use just the Figure of 8 and clip this on (depending a little on the condition of the gutter channel). This works to a certain extent but can come unclipped if it gets windy. They can also use a pole and clamp system although this is not a method I would personally recommend as I have seen one end of a pole come off before and then make a big mess of the van as the metal pole clangs against it. Some pole systems use sucker pads which are even more unreliable.


The best option by far is an awning rail. I make bespoke rails for the every vehicle. For the T5, Vito Mk2 and some others with existing bolt holes I can do a bolt on rail. For other vehicles including those with pop top or high top and virtually any other vehicle I can do a one piece chamfered and shaped self fit kit which glues and screws on and comes with everything you need to fit it. These rails are a proper channel which will take the beading of the awning directly if not wishing to drive away or with the use of Figure of 8 and Double sided Kador bead you can drive away with ease whilst giving a quick, easy and the most weatherproof and secure attachment possible. This will not come off if it gets windy. I can supply Figure of 8, Double sided Kador bead or Kador Converter Straps for no additional postage.It is recommended to avoid a J rail or Magnetic Kador – they are not very effective and you will almost certainly end up buying twice!



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