VW T5 Bolt On Awning Rail Roof Rail Spacer System Option 1

Here is the ultimate solution for T5 owners wishing to have an Awning Rail which bolts on (no glue or screws) and have Roof Rails fitted too. Our British manufactured replacement spacers are a super high quality product allowing for this unique and brilliantly usable system to fit neatly in the vehicle’s gutter.

Available as the complete package of Awning Rail, Spacers and Roof Rails (which can be either Black or Aluminium finish – LWB or SWB) for £259.99

PLEASE NOTE: The Roof Rails themselves are temporarily unavailable. If you have these rails already, I can supply an awning rail and spacers to integrate. Please send a picture of your current roof rails for me to check compatibility.

As just the spacers if you already have one of our rails and the same type of Roof Rails for £54.99

As the spacers and Roof Rails if you already have one of our Awning Rails for £184.99

Please specify at checkout whether you require LWB or SWB, Right Hand Side or Left Hand Side, Aluminium or Black finish on the Roof Rails. 

Black SWB and LWB and Silver LWB temporarily out of stock. Silver SWB available or please see other rail options.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


VW T5 Bolt on Awning Rail Roof Rail Spacer System


The ultimate solution is finally here! Roof rails and a brilliant awning rail mounted in the gutter channel without affecting each other at all. This is achieved with our British manufactured nylon plastic spacer system which perfectly replaces the ones supplied with the Roof Rails. The quality of plastic spacers far exceeds the original specification, meaning that even with the profile of the awning rail, perfectly machined out of them, they are still far superior in strength. They are precisely manufactured to British Standards ISO9001:2008 and a certificate of conformity is supplied with them. It is possible that they will fit with your existing roof rails, if they look the same as the ones pictured, which we also sell – available in Black or Silver Aluminium finish in either SWB or LWB. The spacers can be used for either the Near Side,(Left Hand Side) or Off Side (Right Hand Side) of your vehicle and three spacers (front, middle and rear) will be supplied. Please specify as a note at checkout which side of the vehicle you wish to use them.

The Awning Rail

This fantastic awning rail is a single piece of aluminium which is discreet – in fact pretty much out of sight – yet smart looking with chamfered ends to stop your awning snagging when feeding it in.  Each rail takes a considerable amount of time to finish by hand to the highest standard, ensuring a perfect fit and sleek look. Simply bolted on to the T5 gutter using the existing bolt holes which are also used by the roof rack, the rail is supplied with replacement Stainless Steel Domed Allen Key Bolts and Rubber Washers.

If you are after a bolt on rail (and not wishing to drill your van as done with the other rail I make), this is a great option; smart and discreet, giving the ultimate in awning attachment. Simply feed the Kador bead through the rail, the roof rack does not interfere with it at all.

Whilst fitting is super easy, if you’d prefer me to do it for you or you wish to collect it, I can offer a fitting service – please call 07900600886 to arrange.

This awning rail is proving to be highly popular, with fantastic feedback and avoids the pitfalls associated with other methods of attachment. Namely: pole and clamp which uses suction cups and metal rods with the risk of them blowing off and damaging your van; tying your awning over the top of your van and risking the straps rubbing and scuffing your paintwork and letting the weather in; or J rails which only allow the use of the Figure of 8 to be clipped to the J section, inevitably blowing off when it gets windy. 

The Roof Rails

PLEASE NOTE: The Roof Rails themselves are temporarily unavailable. If you have these rails already, I can supply an awning rail and spacers to integrate. Please send a picture of your current roof rails for me to check compatibility.

The aluminium roof rails, enhance the look of your van as well as being capable of carrying additional items for your camping trips from roof boxes to kayaks etc. (Cross bars would need to be purchased separately).

    • NO DRILLING required.
    • These rails have cast metal feet on the ends, and a plastic moulded foot towards the rear in the middle, giving strength and a sleek look.
    • Specially designed to fit all VW T5 models including Transporter, Caravelle, Shuttle, Multivan, Sportline (T26, T28, T30 and T32), both pre and post facelift.
    • Excellent Quality Aluminium with an Anodised OEM Finish, Precision engineering, Ready to Fit!
    • Available in either Black or Silver finish.

Supplied with our special spacers for whichever side you wish to have your awning rail. You could even have one on both sides! If you already have one of our bolt on awning rails, the spacers and roof rails will go on without any modification.


A sun canopy with a 6mm or 7mm beading will feed directly into the rail. The beading on an awning would also feed in in the same way whilst you are putting it up it if you do not intend to drive away – however to give a drive away capability you will need the Figure of 8 sections and Kador Bead.

To be able to drive away from your awning simply erect your awning and position it next to your vehicle so that the tunnel is lined up and the correct distance to the awning rail. Attach the tunnel by simply feeding the Kador Bead into the awning rail and connecting this to the beading in the awning using the Figure of 8 strips.  Now you can fine tune the positioning of the awning and peg it out. Then simply mark up the position of the front and back wheel on the drivers side. (I do sell runway strips for this or you may wish to use Glow Pegs or just a stone or similar marker). This will enable you to find exactly the same position each time to re-attach the tunnel with the Figure of 8 strips, as described above. To drive away, simply pull the Figure of 8 and Kador bead out and you”re ready to drive off.


This awning rail is made to order and as this is also a bespoke service, can take a few days or maybe a little longer at peak times for me to make. Delivery is made by courier and therefore a signature is required. It can be posted to a work address or similar though. Please ensure the most suitable delivery address is entered at checkout. The delivery charge is £16.99 and will not cost anything extra if you have additional items and accessories. Whilst the delivery may be higher than if you were buying short sections, the compromise in looks and usability of having shorter sections is just simply not worth the slightly cheaper postage. Collection is also possible by arrangement.

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