Vango Insulated Fitted Carpet – Tolga CP104

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  • Standard Colour
  • Woven Nylon Top
  • PE Base
  • Easy to Clean
  • Carry Bag

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Vango Insulated Fitted Carpet – Tolga CP104

Make your awning a home by adding warmth and comfort underfoot with a Vango Insulated Fitted Carpet – Tolga CP104, an added luxury you won’t want to be without. The carpet comes in its own easy to pack carry bag for simple transportation and storage.

FEATURES – Vango Insulated Fitted Carpet – Tolga CP104

  • Standard Colour – Neutral colourway to suit all
  • Woven Nylon Top – Ensuring durability
  • Foam Mid-Layer – Improves insulation and comfort
  • PE Base – Allows a waterproof, non-slip base
  • Easy to Clean – Can be brushed, vacuumed or cleaned with a damp cloth if required
  • Carry Bag – Supplied with a handled carry bag

Suitable for the following: Tolga Air VW


PACKSIZEL49.0 x H41.0 x W10.0cm


Do I need a Carpet inside the awning? 

Sacha Says :

The Vango Insulated Fitted carpet is a super soft fleece style carpet. The pack size relatively small and so if you are worried about the balance of space for all your accessories on your travels vs. the little essentials and luxuries to take with you, this carpet should not feature too heavily on the space concerns. It is also lightweight and comes with its own carry bag. The backing and thickness of the fleece will protect your big investment – the awning – from footwear and furniture creating pressure points on stones below and wearing the groundsheet through. It also adds a thermal insulation and comfort, that just makes camping that bit more cosy. This carpet adds warmth and comfort whilst being able to be kept clean with a brush, vacuum or damp cloth, it is not recommended to machine wash it so an element of footwear routine may be advisable.

• Comfortable and warm.
• Durable waterproof, non slip backing with insulation properties.
• Aids in protecting against moisture ingression, hard ground and sharp rocks.
• Protects your awning groundsheet.
• Tailored to fit the main part of the living area with a small gap on the edges.
• Has its own storage bag.



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