Vango Footprint Groundsheet GP016 for Galli Pro/Galli CC

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  • Fits all Vango Galli Pro and Galli CC Awnings
  • Extends the life of your awning
  • Protects from tears and stones
  • Easy to clean
  • Marks out your pitching position


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Vango Footprint Groundsheet GP016 for Galli Pro/Galli CC

The Vango Footprint Groundsheet GP016 is specifically designed for the Vango Galli Pro and Galli CC Awnings.  It extends the life of your awning by protecting against tears from stones, it’s very easy to clean, and helps mark out your pitching position.

A Footprint Groundsheet is one of our most highly recommended products. Made with tough, double-coated Polyethylene, it is a lightweight and compact way of ensuring that your Vango awning stays in tip top condition. The double-coated Polyethylene layer sits between the base of the awning and the ground. It will be the first thing you put down before pitching the awning which acts as a base to stop you getting muddy and wet when kneeling down.
It will keep the groundsheet of your awning clean and will help to protect it from abrasion and damage. It should be entirely covered by the awning to prevent rain from being channelled under the floor.

Suitable for the following awnings:

Features – Vango Footprint Groundsheet GP016
  • Marks Position – Marks intended pitching position. Easy to move about before rolling out awning to pitch
  • Protects Groundsheet – Protects the groundsheet of your awning from stones, thorns and other hazards
  • Keeps Groundsheet Clean – Easier to pack up camp and saves cleaning the awning
  • 100% PE Groundsheet – Uses durable 100% PE construction that will last and is easy to clean
  • Folds Away into Compact Carry Bag – Easy to transport and helps to keep awning clean


LENGTH 373.0cm
WIDTH 312.0cm
Why have a Footprint Groundsheet when the awning already comes with one?
Sacha Says:
“If there is one accessory that I recommend for any awning (particularly if it has a sewn in groundsheet), it is one of these Footprint Groundsheets. They protect your big investment – the underside of the awning’s groundsheet and will therefore prolong the life of your awning massively. Even if your awning has a separate groundsheet they are not available as an optional extra and so the footprint still protects that one. If you put your awning away dry, you don’t necessarily need to get it out again because all the mud and wetness will be on the underside of the Footprint Groundsheet. They are so much easier to handle, clean and hang out on a washing line than the entire awning! They will provide good protection from small tears or holes from stones etc. In summary, an invaluable addition to extend the life of your awning and take the hassle and hard work out of the after camping clean-up.”

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