Vango Airhub Hexaway II Low Driveaway Awning

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Vango Airhub Hexaway II Low offers spacious living area as a driveway Gazebo with linked in Groundsheet supplied. This means it can be easily removed but gives protection from the ground when comfort is required.

Vango Hex Awning Footprint Groundsheet

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Vango Hex Awning Carpet CP101

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Figure of 8 Strip


3m 6mm-6mm Double Kador Strip

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5-6mm Thule Omnistor Double Kador Bead


4-6mm Fiamma Double Kador Bead

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Driveaway Awning Lining Up Strip

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Vango Airhub Hexaway II Low Driveaway Awning

The Vango Airhub Hexaway II Low Driveaway Awning is the latest cool relaxing space from Vango. Offering the best in terms of a light and airy Gazebo space for communal chilling and living and the possibility to attach it to your van. Although there is not an option to attach an inner bedroom, it does benefit from Vango’s latest innovations allowing stuff to be hung from the airbeams and with a single inflation point is pitched really quickly. Two wide doors and two further doors in the tunnel area give lots of options for access and air. The linked in groundsheet can be easily removed if you’re on one of those pesky sites that get funny about Groundhseets or if you just want to get back to nature and feel the grass between your toes!

The new AirHub Hexaway enhances on Vango’s highly popular Airhub Hex from 2017, allowing you to connect the Hub directly to the side of your campervan. Quick and easy to pitch, the Hexaway becomes a spacious gazebo for relaxing and unwinding, or a useful storage area for furniture and toys whilst you go off exploring. The AirHub features Vango’s SkyTrack II® system, allowing lanterns to be hung to light up the awning at night and for storage pockets to be suspended, ensuring a clean and tidy area. This must-have drive away is the ideal piece of kit whether you require shade from the sun or shelter from the rain, at any time.

  • Vango AirBeam® – Quick to pitch and creates a strong and rigid structure
  • Linked-in Groundsheet – Easy to clean groundsheet that can be attached or detached from the living area
  • Sentinel Pro – Designed for dedicated motor homers and caravanners who embark on several trips a year. Sentinel Pro is created by a blend of fibres and double ripstop construction, making it extremely waterproof and durable. Not to mention its new ColourLok™ technology to enhance resistance to UV fading.
  • AirSpeed® Valve System and easy access positioning – Designed by Vango to inflate your AirBeam®s with even less effort
  • Pre-angled Beams – Achieve greater internal space than with a standard curve. Provides effective bracing against winds
  • Single Point Inflation – Quick and easy inflation through one valve
  • SkyTrack® System – Attachment system which can be used to attach lighting, tidy cables or even hang additional storage units
  • High Visibility Guylines with Tidies – High visibility lower half to prevent tripping hazards and ensure stability in high winds, with touch fasteners tidies to roll up the guylines when not in use
  • Adjustable Pegging System – Allows awning to be pitched perfectly on uneven surfaces
  • Diamond Clear Windows – Maximise light and visibility to provide a bright and airy environment
  • Alternating Diamond Clear and Mesh Windows – Not only maximises light, but also allows air to circulate to increase ventilation
  • Skylight windows – Windows which run along the roof line of the awning to enhance light during the day and for star gazing at night
  • Two Doors in Tunnel – For convenient access to the front or back of your vehicle
  • Roll Away Connecting Tunnel – Quick and easy when you drive away for the day, simply roll back the tunnel
  • Oversized Bag – The wide opening makes it simpler to pack away your awning. This design also includes robust compression straps allowing you to reduce the overall pack size
  • Supplied with Double Action Pump – Rapidly inflate your awning (comes complete with a pressure dial)
  • Supplied with Steel Ground Pegs and Mallet – Strong, durable and can be used on more challenging terrain
  • Multiple Attachment Methods – Pre-attached 6mm kador, over vehicle straps, roof bar attachment tabs and sleeve for pole & clamp
  • AirAway® Vehicle Awnings included with – Pre-attached 6mm kador strip, over vehicle webbing straps, roof bar attachment tabs, sleeve for pole & clamp, steel rock pegs & mallet with carry bag, easy pack carry bag and double action pump with carry bag
Replacement Main Tube CodePart No – AT019; Colour – No Colour Code; Quantity – 1
Pitching Time10 mins
Awning SizeLow
PacksizeL70.0 x H40.0 x W42.0cm
Weight without Accessories16.0kg
Kador Length248


There are a few ways to connect this awning to your vehicle.


Included with the awning are 8m long webbing straps that can be thrown over the top of the vehicle and pegged down on the other side. These are are a great way of getting by and will instantly sit the awning against the vehicle with minimal fuss and no additional cost. There are downsides however…. The straps can rub on the paintwork and in windy conditions can tap against the can like a woodpecker! Additionally, although the it will hold the awning tunnel in the right kind of place if the wind is coming over the van it can potentially blow in under the tunnel. Lastly, if you have a pop top roof, this gets somewhat in the way of the straps and therefore make it a less suitable option.


If you have roof racks or roof rails, there are some velcro tabs attached to the top of the awning tunnel that can be simply wrapped and fixed on. This again holds the tunnel broadly in the right place but there will be the gap under the roof rails that could be a ‘letter box’ for the weather to come in.


These have a channel similar to that described above integrated within the housing cassette of the windout awning. The Fiamma one takes a 4mm beading, whilst Omnistor takes a 5mm beading. Therefore with the use of the correct Kador Bead which I can supply and Figure of 8, the windout awning can be used as an awning rail. It should be noted that because this channel is not completely flush to the van, it will pull the sides of the awning away from the van as they get higher near the windout awning. You may also have a gap behind the cassette which will still let water drip down between the van and the cassette which would be overcome if you had an awning rail mounted directly to the van, although a little gutter is also available for both of these windout awnings which will also help to alleviate this issue.


There is a built in Sleeve within the tunnel of the awning which allows for the use of the optional extra item of Pole and Clamp set. This metal bar is fed through the sleeve and then clamped to either a gutter of the vehicle such as those on older vehicles such as the VW T2 or if your van has something like the original VW California awning rail extension piece that creates a flange to clamp to. Downsides of this method is that there is potential for weather to still come in between the pole and the vehicle and unless the clamps have been done really well there is a chance that they could come undone and then you have a metal pole banging on the outside of the van….I’ve seen it happen before.


By far the best, most secure, weather tight and easiest method is an awning rail. We make bespoke rails for all vehicles and can often offer very discreet options such as hiding it away under a pop top roof or utilising bolt points for Roof Rails and even integrating with them so that they both sit there together. An awning rail allows the awning to be pulled tight to the vehicle, the awning can be fed directly into it if not driving away or with the use of 6-6mm Kador Bead and Figure of 8 (which together effectively work like a zip) you can easily driveaway and return the vehicle to the same spot and reattach. (Top tip here is to mark the position of the vehicle before driving away and for this we recommend our Runway Lining Up Strip).

Vango Awnings are great and definitely get my personal endorsement – they were the first to revive the airbeam idea and have therefore built up valuable experience over the last few years. They also build on over 50 years in the tent making industry and have a fantastic after sales service as well as a 2 year guarantee (3 years if you register your purchase online!….Don’t forget). They also offer further support even after that where you can buy spare parts and have repairs done. This is a brand and product you can trust. 


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Figure of 8 Strip

5-6mm Thule Omnistor Double Kador Bead