Vango Airbeam Kela V Tall Driveaway Airbeam Awning

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An excellent space to spend time with friends and family, the Vango Kela drive away inflatable awning inflates in a few minutes leaving you with more time to enjoy your break. Designed to attach to the side of your motorhome or campervan, the Kela has 4 attachment options and the tunnel space creates the ideal storage area or corridor, so you can keep your awning and vehicle clean and dry. Whatever your adventure, the Kela will be there at the end of the day for you to enjoy the view.

Kela 5 Tall – Suitable for Vehicles 245cm – 295cm in height.

Vango Kela / Idris Awning Footprint Groundsheet

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Vango Kela / Idris Awning Carpet CP102

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Vango Drive Away Awning Bedroom BR001

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Vango Kela Awning Skyliner

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Figure of 8 Strip


3m 6mm-6mm Double Kador Strip

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5-6mm Thule Omnistor Double Kador Bead


4-6mm Fiamma Double Kador Bead

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Vango Airbeam Kela V Tall Driveaway Awning

The Vango Airbeam Kela V Tall Driveaway Awning has been the mainstay of the ever popular Vango Airbeam awning since its inception several years ago. Vango has three different height versions of this hugely popular awning. The living area is not a different height, it is just the tunnel for the connection to your vehicle. This Tall one is ideally suited to the larger Motorhome, in the height range of 245cm to 290cm. If you have a lower height (VW T1, T2, T25, T4, T5 and T6, Mercedes Vito, Renault Traffic/Vauxall Vivaro, Ford Torneo etc.), it is recommended that you opt for the low height version or something a little taller there is also a Standard height one available. There is no difference in living height – it is just the tunnel height available.

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The market leading Kela V, remains the driving force behind Vango’s freestanding awning collection, now features a new high quality 420 double ripstop Sentinel Pro fabric. This, coupled with bracer beams and a set of storm straps, makes the Kela V a highly durable and well designed drive-away awning. With a side door on each side of the connecting section, this is an ideal area for storage and will help keep the awning and your vehicle clean and dry. Don’t fret about stormy conditions, the patented Tension Band System (TBS® II) ensures your awning will remain stable in harsh weather and for normal conditions, simply tuck it away into the dedicated pockets. The Kela V is a beautifully designed drive-away awning that will compliment your campervan or motorhome.

Vango Airbeam Kela V Tall Driveaway Awning Features

  • Vango AirBeam® – Quick to pitch and creates a strong and rigid structure
  • Oxford Polyester Groundsheet – The perfect balance between low weight and high durability
  • Fully Sewn-in Groundsheet – Groundsheet is attached to the flysheet with an external storm skirt to provide a bug and draught free environment
  • Sentinel Pro – Designed for dedicated motor homers and caravanners who embark on several trips a year. Sentinel Pro is created by a blend of fibres and double ripstop construction, making it extremely waterproof and durable. Not to mention its new ColourLok™ technology to enhance resistance to UV fading.
  • AirSpeed® Valve System and easy access positioning – Designed by Vango to inflate your AirBeam®s with even less effort
  • Vango Patented TBS®II Tension Band System – Ensures awning performs in adverse conditions, especially in strong, changeable winds. When tensioned, the bands brace the beam or pole at 3 points and prevent sideways movement. Adjust TBS®II to remove slack. Do not over tension, as this may deform the poles. Can be stowed away in calm weather
  • SkyTrack II® System – A flexible hanging system which allows you to easily attach lighting, storage or SkyLiners
  • High Visibility Guylines with Tidies – High visibility lower half to prevent tripping hazards and ensure stability in high winds, with touch fasteners tidies to roll up the guylines when not in use
  • Adjustable Pegging System – Allows awning to be pitched perfectly on uneven surfaces
  • Diamond Clear Windows – Maximise light and visibility to provide a bright and airy environment
  • Skylight windows – Windows which run along the roof line of the awning to enhance light during the day and for star gazing at night
  • Zipped Privacy Curtains – Simple and quick to use, allowing varying levels of opening. Fitted to the flysheet with no gaps that simply rolls down into a pocket
  • Two Doors in Tunnel – For convenient access to the front or back of your vehicle
  • Roll Away Connecting Tunnel – Quick and easy when you drive away for the day, simply roll back the tunnel
  • King pole doors – Integrated eyelets allow optional king poles to prop open doors, creating a canopy
  • 2 Mesh Doors – Front and side doors fitted with internal mesh panel for bug free ventilation
  • Low Level Ventilation – Helps circulate air within the awning and reduces condensation
  • Oversized Bag – The wide opening makes it simpler to pack away your awning. This design also includes robust compression straps allowing you to reduce the overall pack size
  • Supplied with Double Action Pump – Rapidly inflate your awning (comes complete with a pressure dial)
  • Supplied with Steel Ground Pegs and Mallet – Strong, durable and can be used on more challenging terrain
  • Multiple Attachment Methods – Pre-attached 6mm kador, over vehicle straps, roof bar attachment tabs and sleeve for pole & clamp
  • AirAway® Vehicle Awnings included with – Pre-attached 6mm kador strip, over vehicle webbing straps, roof bar attachment tabs, sleeve for pole & clamp, steel rock pegs & mallet with carry bag, easy pack carry bag and double action pump with carry bag
  • Storm Straps – Additional stability for your awning in strong winds. Simply clip onto the pre-attached buckles and peg into the ground to secure
  • Cable entry point with tidies – Zipped entry point for power cable, with touch fastener tidies

Vango Airbeam Kela V Tall Driveaway Awning Technical Specifications

Replacement Main Tube CodePart No – AT010; Colour – No Colour Code; Quantity – 2
Replacement Bracer Tube CodePart No – AT001; Colour – No Colour Code; Quantity – 1
Kador Adjustable Height245-295cm
Pitching Time8 mins
Awning SizeTall
PacksizeL78.0 x H33.0 x W35.0cm
Weight without Accessories12.8kg
Kador Length248cm



There are a few options for attaching this awning to your vehicle which depends slightly on the type of vehicle. The older vans such as the T2 and T25 with the gutter channel may use just the Figure of 8 and clip this on (depending a little on the condition of the gutter channel). This works to a certain extent but can come unclipped if it gets windy. They can also use a pole and clamp system although this is not a method I would personally recommend as I have seen one end of a pole come off before and then make a big mess of the van as the metal pole clangs against it. Some pole systems use sucker pads which are even more unreliable.


On all vehicles except those with high tops or pop tops you can tie the awning over the top with the use of the Figure of 8 and Kador Converter which is a beading with straps sewn to it. This works relatively well however can scuff the paintwork (although some pipe lagging can help). It can also make some noise as the straps tap and if the weather is coming over the top of the vehicle can flap and allow water and wind in more easily.


If you have roof rails fitted the velcro tabs fitted on the tunnel of the awning allows for attachment to the roof rails. Whilst this will hold the tunnel in position it is not the best weather proof method.


The best option by far is an awning rail. I make bespoke rails for every vehicle. For the T5, T6, Vito Mk2 and some others with existing bolt holes I can do a bolt on rail. For other vehicles including those with pop top or high top and virtually any other vehicle I can do a one piece chamfered and shaped self fit kit which glues and screws on and comes with everything you need to fit it. These rails are a proper channel which will take the beading of the awning directly if not wishing to drive away or with the use of Figure of 8 and Double sided Kador bead you can drive away with ease whilst giving a quick, easy and the most weatherproof and secure attachment possible. This will not come off if it gets windy. I can supply Figure of 8, Double sided Kador bead for no additional postage.

It is recommended to avoid a J rail or Magnetic Kador – they are not very effective and you will almost certainly end up buying twice!


If you have a windout awning you will find there is a little channel on the case on most of them which will take either a 4mm on Fiamma or 5mm on Thule Omnistor kador beading. For this you can use our Kador Bead and Figure of 8 to attach the driveaway awning to the windout awning casing. Whilst being almost as effective as a purpose made awning rail as above, it does have the disadvantage that this channel on the casing will usually hold the tunnel of the awning a bit further away from the body of the vehicle and therefore particularly near the top of the sides of the tunnel there may be a bit of a gap. If you have any questions as to which size of beading you need please do not hesitate to get in touch.  

Vango Awnings are great and definitely get my personal endorsement – they were the first to revive the airbeam idea and have therefore built up valuable experience over the last few years. They also build on over 50 years in the tent making industry and have a fantastic after sales service as well as a 2 year guarantee (extendable to 3 years simply by registering online) with further support even after that where you can buy spare parts and have repairs done. This is a brand and product you can trust.


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Figure of 8 Strip

5-6mm Thule Omnistor Double Kador Bead

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