Vango AirBeam AirSpeed Tube 465 x 6.5cm AT028 (pre 2015)


  • Replacement AirSpeed tube for a variety of Vango AirBeam awnings and tents
  • Really useful to have on hand if there is a problem with your tent/awning during your camping trip

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Vango AirBeam AirSpeed Tube 465 x 6.5cm AT028 (pre 2015)

Having a spare Vango AirBeam AirSpeed Tube 465 x 6.5cm AT028 (pre 2015) means that in the unlikely event that you may need to replace your AirBeam® tube, simply remove the old tube from the beam sleeve and replace with the new tube. Once the beam sleeve is zipped and secured, replace into the tent sleeve and inflate. The AirSpeed tubes are quick and easy to change, so that you can carry on with your camping holiday as soon as possible!

  • Fully deflate the AirBeam® tube to be replaced
  • Unzip the outer sleeve of the AirBeam® on the inside of the flysheet
  • Remove the AirBeam® from the internal zipped sleeve.
  • Cut the cable tie that holds the zips together (ties stop accidental opening)
  • Remove the inner tube from its protective outer
  • Place the new inner tube inside the protective outer. Align valve with the opening in the protective outer. Zip closed, taking care not to catch the inner tube. Reconnect the zips together with the cable tie provided, to prevent accidental opening when the AirBeam® is inflated
  • Re-inflate AirBeam® to the correct PSI
  • Re-insert the AirBeam® into the zipped sleeve on the tent flysheet

Whilst this product may well be covered by your warranty (2 years standard – 3 years if you register the purchase online), it is something that you may well wish to carry in your supplies to take the stress out of the situation should an issue occur during your camping. There is nothing worse than being stuck at a campsite on a Friday evening or somewhere on the Continent even, and having that sinking feeling that there is an issue with your awning and no shops locally that have stock of the item you need. This truly is a case of it is better to look at it than to have to look for it. 

This Vango AirBeam AirSpeed Tube 465 x 6.5cm AT028 (pre 2015) will fit various different Vango awnings and tents as a bracer beam. If you are not too sure which one you need please have a look on the Vango Tube Matrix.

Watch the video here on how to replace the tube.



Length 465 cm
Diameter 65 mm
Valve Type AirSpeed
Valve Location 20.0 cm


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