Robens Chinook Flooring Carpet


  • PVC backed carpet
  • Soft feel carpet
  • Perfect for barefoot campers.

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Robens Chinook Flooring Carpet

Upgrade your camping exerience this summer. The Robens Chinook Flooring Carpet is made to match the living space of the tipi, designed specifically to match the shape and measurements. The carpet will add some warmth, comfort and insulation to the tipi, enhancing the comfort of the camping experience. The carpet is often utilised more on cooler camping days, as it will help to remove the cold edge from the tent’s groundsheet of an evening.

Features – Robens Chinook Flooring Carpet

  • PVC backed carpet
  • Soft feel carpet
  • Perfect for barefoot campers.
  • custom made for Chinook

Specification –

More Information
Year of Manufacture2019

About Robens

A tent cannot be made solely by a machine, but is produced in many time consuming steps by people. Such craftsmanship means labour forms a large part of the cost price. 

We are very aware of our product responsibility. It would be easy to produce tents at cheaper factories with lower standards and thereby increase the profit, but that would not meet our company values.

In addition to long-term partnerships, we, as an independent family owned company, find it important to maintain a reasonable and social interaction, both with our customers and with our employees and suppliers. We place great importance to fair working conditions with improved social standards, as well as to resources conservation and protection of resources.


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