Planar Autoterm Universal Campervan/Motorhome Diesel heater Kit – 2 kW



Planar Autoterm Universal Campervan/Motorhome Diesel heater Kit – 2 kW

Autoterm water and air heaters are built to ISO 9001-2015 standards. They also have E2 R10 and E2 R122 approval for whole vehicle approval for use in road vehicles. 

We suggest you may wish to upgrade from 2kW to 4kW heater kit if the campervan is a hightop long wheel base or large  campervan. 

Campervan installation- YouTube video 

Included in the kit

  • 7 Day Digital PU-27 control panel 
  • Fuel pump with mounting bracket
  • Mounting plate (upgrade options available)
  • 1 meter of exhaust with silencer
  • 1m x hot air ducting and vent (upgrade options available)
  • 1 fuel dip fuel tube and fuel line
  • 1 power cable with integral fuse box
  • 1 control panel cable (upgrade options available)
  • 1 fuel pump power cable 
  • A silencer air intake
  • 1 exhaust heat lagging
  • A selection of nuts and bolts.
  • Product Details

The 2KW PLANAR 2D is the most compact heater model in the production line, it is intended for use in Campervans, motorhomes, crew cabins and work spaces, commercial vans and trucks, as well as boats that are up to 28 feet long. 

The capacity of the PLANAR 2D air heater is between 0.8 kW and 2 kW, and it is capable of heating up 75 m3 of air hourly. It maintains excellent economy and uses between 0.1 litres and 0.24 litres of diesel per hour. They are available in either 12 or 24v version.

Planar diesel heaters have fast become synonymous with great quality and fantastic customer services, all at a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

Should I fit it inside or outside? 

Outside – If there is a cavity underneath the vehicle, preferably hidden behind plastic underbelly covers, this is ideal to take the heater and protect it from the elements. Therefore there would be no additional box required. A stainless steel box is available for an additional £100 if you wish to have the ultimate protection or your plastic shrouding is missing. The major advantage of this positioning is that it doesn’t use any of your valuable space internally and is nicely out of the way. The disadvantages are that it is a bit more vulnerable to being stolen and that there is potentially a tiny bit of heat loss through the ducting which runs to the heater. The ducting takes the internal air from inside the vehicle from the footwell step area so it is warming the already warmer internal air and then ducts it back through another ducting to provide the warm air. There are therefore two 60mm holes cut in the van.

Vent Options – If fitting the heater underneath the van there are a few vent options available in terms of where the hot air blows out. This can be brought out under the seat and ducted to come out from a panel on the rear of the seat, just rear of the seat on the floor, just behind the seat on the floor or closer towards the B-Post pillar with a flat vent that is supplied with the heater. One thing to consider if fitting flat on the floor is whether you can stop things falling down inside the vent such as sand or mud etc. The other alternative is a small turret which provides more protection and angles off the airflow direction but does potentially get more in the way. For the ultimate solutions the vent can be put into the B Post pillar (where your seat belt mounts). This can be done in two ways either with a round duct and the flat vent supplied or a partially angled vent. 

Inside – The internal fitting possibilities are more varied but the most popular is to position it under the right hand seat (driver’s seat on UK vehicles). This gives a really neat positioning with ducting normally going back into the living area behind the seat. This could be put though a little panel on the back of the seat base to hide the heater away (please note this panel is not included in the kit but then vent to do so is included). The disadvantage of fitting location is that it takes up space under the seat and most likely means that space is not available for leisure batteries unless you can find a very narrow one of them. The advantages are that no heat is lost in ducting and that the holes to the exterior of the van are only the smaller ones for the exhaust and air inlet for the burner itself.

What about the Super Quiet Pump? 

The super quiet pump is available as part of your purchase for an additional £99 (usual selling price is £115.00). This in virtually inaudible as opposed to the standard one which does tick and can be heard from within the vehicle, although it is something you soon get used to, it is noticeably noisier than the super quiet pump.

Planar diesel heaters have fast become synonymous with great quality and fantastic customer services, all at a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

This is supplied as a self fit kit. We do recommend however having this professionally fitted as you have to tap into the vehicle’s fuel and electrics and drill and cut holes in the vehicle as well as dropping the fuel tank. We can offer a fitting service and are authorised Planar distributors and fitters. Please click here for details. Please call 07900600886 to discuss.

 Why Buy An Autoterm Planar Heater?

Simply put this heater is on a par with the other top end made Diesel Air Heaters in terms of quality and efficiency (in fact a little better). Engine noise is also very quiet and comparable if not quieter than the others. There is also a silent fuel pump and a digital touchscreen ‘smartphone’ style controller available soon. Do not be fooled by cheap versions calling themselves Planar on Ebay which are from China. These are a very much inferior product in terms of reliability, build quality and noise. The real Autoterm Planar heaters are built in Russia by engineers who make them for the military and who have space technology experience. If there was ever a country to make sure that they build something robust and reliable to deal with the cold weather it must be there! They have a vested interest in making sure their product can deal with the most extreme of environments. They are tested to minus 50 degrees centigrade and will auto adjust for altitude up to 3600m. If you’re taking your van into conditions such as that, then hats off to you! Enjoy.

  • Best quality diesel heater at a fraction of the price of other Air Diesel Heaters.
  • 2 Year Guarantee.
  • After sales technical help and telephone support 7 days a week.
  • Excellent UK customer service.
  • Low power and fuel consumption.
  • Space saving installation.
  • Simple to operate.

Here is a diesel heater sound comparison between a Chinese Eberspacher/Planar copy at minimum power, a Planar diesel heater running at medium power and a new Eberspacher D2 running at minimum power.

Planar Heaters win again.


Additional information

Heater Mounting Plate

Internal Mounting, External Mounting (+£100)

Smartphone App Modem Kit

Smartphone App Modem Kit (£100), Not required

Super Quiet Fuel Pump

Super Quiet Fuel Pump (£99), Not required

7m Controller Extension Cable

7m Controller Extension Cable (£10), Not required


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