Outdoor Revolution Steel Roof Tension Pole Kit

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A pair of extra steel poles to maximise the stability, rigidity and durability whilst maintaining the correct posture. This kit will give you piece of mind in very windy weather. 

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Steel Roof Tension Pole Kit

The Steel Roof Tension Pole Kit contains a pair of extra steel poles, these are designed to slot into the internal roof pockets of  the O-Zone Safari Lodge, Cayman Air, Cayman F/G, Cayman Combo, Cayman Curl, Movelite T1 & Movelite T3 models. They maximise the stability, rigidity and durability of these models throughout adverse weather conditions, whilst maintaining the correct posture. They are by no means a necessity, which is why they are available as an optional extra, but for the full belt and braces approach, this kit will give you piece of mind in very windy weather. 

FEATURES – Steel Roof Tension Pole Kit 

  • Grant Further Stability, Rigidity & Durability.
  • Slot Into Integrated Internal Roof Pockets.
  • Help Maintain Correct Posture Of Your Tent, Caravan Awning or Drive Away Awning.
  • Made of strong durable steel


Please note, this is the same product as the version with the SKU ORBK5335


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