Outdoor Revolution Movelite T4E/T4EPC Groundsheet

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  • Compatible with Movelite T4E and T4EPC
  • Size 380cm x 300cm
  • Made to Measure
  • Prevents Against Damage
  • Washable & Rot Proof

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Movelite T4E/T4EPC Groundsheet (380 x 300)

The Outdoor Revolution Stone Protection Movelite T4E/T4EPC Groundsheet (380 x 300) is a highly advisable optional extra for the keen touring enthusiast, granting additional protection against water ingression, sharp rocks, or hard ground, incorporating a hydrostatic head of 10,000mm². Manufactured to accommodate a tailored fit for the Movelite T4E and T4EPC. This groundsheet prevents your sewn-in groundsheet from accumulating dirt too, making it effortless to keep in immaculate condition, along with its rotproof properties. The sheer thickness of this underlay promises a more comfortable night’s sleep and safe footing when traipsing around your internal living space. Eyelets have been situated in each corner, allowing the groundsheet to be firmly secured in place, using steel ground pegs.


FEATURES – Movelite T4E/T4EPC Groundsheet


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