Khyam Motordome Tailgate Awning SPS Groundsheet

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Protect your Motordome Tailgate sewn in awning groundsheet by adding a Khyam SPS Footprint Groundsheet to your camping essentials. Provides extra protection against small tears and holes due to stones etc.

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Khyam Motordome Tailgate Awning SPS Groundsheet 

Protect your awning groundsheet by adding a Khyam Footprint groundsheet underneath it. They are easy to handle and clean and will provide protection from small tears and holes from stones. An invaluable addition to extend the life of your awning. All of the Khyam footprints are cut to the shape of your awning so it can also help you choose the perfect pitching site for your awning.

Khyam Motordome Tailgate Awning SPS Groundsheet

  • Marks out the position of your intended pitch site clearly before you erect your awning
  • Protects the groundsheet of your awning from stones, thorns and other protrusions
  • Keeps the groundsheet of your awning clean which makes packing up easier and saves lots of cleaning back at home

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