Classic Campervan Engine Rebuild

Here at Camper Essentials we can undertake professional Classic Campervan Engine Rebuild to the highest standard. There is a lot of choice on replacement parts when rebuilding an aircooled engine and we will liaise with you throughout to help you make the right choices between quality and budget when rebuilding your engine. Sometimes original parts can be reused and refurbished or ground to ensure that as much of the engine is original but with some things it is better or more cost effective to use good quality reproduction parts or even source NOS (New Old Stock)  We will not just reuse or hide away an inferior or damaged item as shockingly some ‘professional companies’ might do out there but we will take the utmost care to restore and rebuilt your engine to its former glory and make it your absolute pride and joy. This is the life of your van and reliability is key. Once you receive your rebuilt engine it will start straight away, not leak oil and give you the reliability you need to enjoy your van. We can even run it in on the bench before it goes back into your vehicle so that everything is tested for leaks, compression, tuning and function before it goes back into your van.  There is nothing I hate more than a bodged job so we will strive to accomplish absolute perfection and document it throughout. We will provide you with WhatsApp photos or video during the rebuild and a memory stick full of photos at the end so that the quality of the rebuild work is fully view-able to yourself or to prospective purchasers, even once it is hidden under that tin ware or in the depths of the engine. I firmly believe that in this world of technology there is no excuse not to keep the owner of the vehicle updated and be completely transparent with what we are doing….of course you are also welcome to come and physically inspect the work at any time too.

Aircooled Engine Service

If you don’t require a full rebuild of your aircooled engine, we would also happily take on servicing it, tuning it and doing more minor work such as oil change, points, spark plugs etc. Whatever you need doing we are happy to discuss this with you.

Other Engines

Whilst we specialise in aircooled engines, we can also undertake some of the simpler servicing type work on later engines.

We don’t just stop at Classic Campervan Engine Rebuild though, we can also do bodywork, welding, panel beating and paint, rebuild your gearbox, steering, brakes, suspension and fit accessories such as heaters or even full interiors. We are happy to advise and work with you throughout to make the best decisions in terms of layout or specification.

Your pride and joy is our pride and reputation. Please call 07900600886 to book in or discuss your requirements.


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