Camper Window Fitting Service

What are the benefits of our Camper Window Fitting Service? Putting windows into your van is one of the requirements for re-registering it as a Campervan and also makes an enormous difference to the levels of light in your home on wheels. We can offer window fitting in most types of van including VW, Mercedes, Ford, Vauxhall and many more. We don’t use rough cutting jig saws or spark flying grinders which risk burning your glass both of which leave horrible burrs. We see this so often in vans converted by many  other fitters, converters and DIY enthusiasts. We use specialist cutting equipment that leaves a ‘factory’ type finish which you can run your finger along without fear or losing it! It is a completely smooth cut. Bare metal is of course treated and we do not leave all those nasty bits of metal either lying on your paintwork on the outside or all over the interior of your van.

We have a LWB T5 and I wanted the children to be able to see out of the windows in the back but I wanted the rear most part where the boot is to remain solid panel. So we moved the strengthening frame from the middle of the aperture to the three quarters rearward position and re-welded it in place and cut the metal out to leave the rear section in place. From the outside you can’t see it due to the window tint. From the inside it gives solid protection in the boot for when we put things in there that could otherwise damage the glass or be seen through the glass easier….in essence we can do bespoke things to your requirements.

We pride ourselves in attention to detail and this means we protect your paintwork and van before commencing work, we are not a sausage factory intent on just getting vans in and out as fast as possible and taking your money, but work on it as though it was something we are going to love personally. Your pride and joy is our pride and reputation. Please call 07900600886 to book in or discuss your requirements.


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