Autoterm Air Planar *NEW* Smartphone Modem (Control your heater from a smartphone app)


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Autoterm Air Planar *NEW* Smartphone Modem

Smartphone  Modem (Control your heater from a smartphone app)

The long awaited smartphone controller has been updated. Planar heaters can now be controlled from anywhere via a smartphone app downloaded to your mobile phone. We have tested it in house and love it. The smartphone controller is operated with an easy to use app to control the heating (this can also be used with Planar Water Heaters). The Modem is fitted in addition to a normal controller i.e  Rotary PU-05 controller, simple digital PU-22 controller and seven day timer controller as well as the new Comfort Controller. 

Modem QSTART is a Plug & Play device with the ability to use Autoterm Control application on smartphone (available at Google Play and AppStore) to control any AUTOTERM air heater and liquid heaters. 

Application “Autoterm Control” together with modem QSTART will let you to operate and oversee your Autoterm heater via GSM / LTE network.

Main advantages of “Autoterm Control” application:

  • Remote Start/Stop of heater
  • Start heater with pre-set working duration
  • Current status check
  • Temperature check
  • Operation settings

Download APP for iOS here

Download APP for Android here

* Modem QSTART uses micro sim card slot

To increase wiring length from modem QSTART till control panel a 2.6 meter extension wiring for control panels (assy.4269) can be used.

Simply download the app at google Play and AppleStore (search planar heater) and start using the Autoterm Air Planar *NEW* Smartphone Modem. Please note you have to purchase a pay as you go sim card to install in it and using the modem will use up text message credit. 

The app takes seconds to set up and is simple to operate. See instructions here

Planar diesel heaters have fast become synonymous with great quality and fantastic customer services, all at a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

We can offer a fitting service and are authorised Planar distributors and fitters. Please click here for details. Please call 07900600886 to discuss.

 Why Buy An Autoterm Planar Heater?

Simply put this heater is on a par with the other top end made Diesel Air Heaters in terms of quality and efficiency (in fact a little better). Engine noise is also very quiet and comparable if not quieter than the others. There is also a silent fuel pump and a digital touchscreen ‘smartphone’ style controller available soon. Do not be fooled by cheap versions calling themselves Planar on Ebay which are from China. These are a very much inferior product in terms of reliability, build quality and noise. The real Autoterm Planar heaters are built in Russia by engineers who make them for the military and who have space technology experience. If there was ever a country to make sure that they build something robust and reliable to deal with the cold weather it must be there! They have a vested interest in making sure their product can deal with the most extreme of environments. They are tested to minus 50 degrees centigrade and will auto adjust for altitude up to 3600m. If you’re taking your van into conditions such as that, then hats off to you! Enjoy.

  • Best quality diesel heater at a fraction of the price of other Air Diesel Heaters.
  • 2 Year Guarantee.
  • After sales technical help and telephone support 7 days a week.
  • Excellent UK customer service.
  • Low power and fuel consumption.
  • Space saving installation.
  • Simple to operate.

Here is a diesel heater sound comparison between a Chinese Eberspacher/Planar copy at minimum power, a Planar diesel heater running at medium power and a new Eberspacher D2 running at minimum power.

Planar Heaters win again.


Additional information

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Smartphone App Modem Kit (£100), Not required

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Super Quiet Fuel Pump (£99), Not required

7m Controller Extension Cable

7m Controller Extension Cable (£32), Not required

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