Australian Heat Beads Charcoal

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  • Finest quality compact barbecue briquettes
  • No.1 fuel in Australia
  • Supreme efficiency
  • Sustained heat output
  • Perfect for use with the COBB

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Australian Heat Beads

Australian Heat Beads – Australia’s Number 1 BBQ Fuel

  • Australian Heat Beads are the finest quality compact barbecue briquettes from Australia where it is the No.1 fuel
  • Heat Beads burn in the same way as ordinary charcoal but due to their supreme efficiency, less fuel is needed. Heat Beads light easily to quickly give a sustained heat output, particularly useful for cooking roasta. Unlike some charcoal products Heat Beads performance is consistent
  • Perfect for use with the COBB. Vary the number of briquettes depending on what you are cooking. Typically: Steaks, Roasts etc 10-14 pieces. Bread 5-8 pieces. When smoking by using a smoking pot or soaked wood chips on the fuel you may want to use less pieces to give a longer smoke time, depending on the food probably 5-10 pieces
  • After cooking you may wish to extinguish the fuel by covering the inner bowl with kitchen foil. The briquettes may then be used to supplement your next Cobb cookout
  • Heat Beads will give you in excess of 3 hours cooking when used on the Cobb with temperatures of approx 250 degrees centigrade for the first 2 hours reducing down to approx 200 degrees centigrade at 3 hours

One of the biggest problems faced by the home barbecue cook is the lack of uniformity and consistency in cooking. Whether you use briquettes or lumpwood, there is still a large degree of inconsistency in cooking temperature, and a big difference in quality between these different styles of fuel. However, a less common fuel type, heat beads, offer more consistent cooking temperatures.

The beads have been heated at extremely high temperatures which gets rid of inconsistencies and leaves a high quality carbon. This material not only burns more consistently, but it burns for a lot longer than any other type of charcoal. For those that want a consistent and long burn time, Australian heat beads are the best solution. They cook at lower temperatures, which affords you the opportunity to slow cook food; ideal for preparing larger cuts of meat, as well as for preparing steaks and ensuring that burgers are cooked through. You can even reuse heat beads that are left over; simply leave them in the barbecue and top them up when you next come to cook outdoors.

Typical Composition – Australian Heat Beads

  • Fixed Carbon approx 70%
  • Ash approx 17%
  • Water approx 7%
  • Other approx 6%
  • Fines <1% at 20mm


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