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We are an authorised dealer and supply the full Wolfrace Wheels range for all types of vehicle with or without tyres. The choice is so vast and the good people at Wolfrace have such a super system of narrowing down what is available for your vehicle that we ask you to look on there first.

Click here for full range https://www.wolfrace.co.uk/#

and then get in touch for a quote… we will always try to be the most competitive on the market so if you’ve seen a great deal somewhere else, please get in touch to see if we can shave a touch more off for you.

The tyre fitted options would ordinarily come with a medium range tyre such as Hifly or Sunny or similar. We find these to be a really good compromise between something that is affordable whilst still being good quality. Often the specifications are as good or in some areas even better than the most expensive tyres on the market which might cost 2 or 3 times as much but not offer the same increase in performance.

Click here for full range https://www.wolfrace.co.uk/#

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