Delivery Policy

Try to Collect if You’re Local or Passing – Collect in Person service. 

If you’re in the area of South Devon and wish to pop in to collect that is great. Just Put Camper Essentials into Google Maps and that brings you to our entrance. Greenslade Farm, Avonwick. TQ10 9EZ. Look for the Blue Farm Produce selling shelf ~ we’re a small holding too and sell our own delicious free range and organically grown produce. You can even come and pick your own Veg! Please don’t disturb Baron’s Hill Farm next door which is where the post code leads to.  Just get in touch on 07900600886 and let me know when you’re coming…we can even see you out of hours quite often. 

Using the Couriers

If we’re going to make the couriers richer and send your item to you we will endeavour to get your item shipped as soon as we possibly can. This is often on the same day as you order and although we don’t have a particular guaranteed cut off time (we’re a small business and it can get manic), we will always try to accommodate special requests and urgent orders – again just get in touch via Text, WhatsApp, Phone call maybe but if you don’t get through send a message rather than leaving a voicemail…I don’t always have time to listen to them straight away!

Shipping Charges

We display the carriage charge in the basket before you have to enter any details because I absolutely hate it when you have to enter all the information to then find a daft shipping charge – we like to be honest and upfront! If you have multiple items in your basket it will calculate one shipping charge based on the item in the basket with the highest shipping charge. 


At present you can upgrade any shipping to Express for an extra £4.00 on top of the standard delivery service. Depending on what the item it is, this will then mean that we will process your order as a priority, try to get it dispatched on the same or first available shipping day and use an Express service like Royal Mail 24, or a courier service such as DHL on a 24 hour service. Please note though that if your order is more complex or bespoke or if you live in a wonderful part of the United Kingdom or surrounding lands and islands that are less accessible to couriers or further away (including Northern Ireland) we may need to ask for extra shipping costs and the service may not be as quick. The couriers seem to be cashing in on Brexit and any other reason to charge more and perform less quickly. This is in no way us discriminating against your choice of abode, we’d probably love to come and visit you on a holiday, but sometimes we just can’t do the do as you might like us to! 

Standard Delivery

This will usually be with Royal Mail 48 for smaller items under 2kg (although they call it 48 we’ve noticed that Royal Mail don’t seem to know how long that is sometimes and the parcels can take a few days longer). If the item is over 2kg we will usually use a courier and they will be around about 2-4 working days usually. 

What if my parcel is delayed?

Occasionally things do get delayed with couriers which is out of our hands. Please get in touch and we will do our best to help resolve any issues. We often have means of getting hold of back offices of couriers which as the recipient you don’t and I know how frustrating it is to be in a queue or deal with their rubbish automated systems so we will get the situation resolved as quickly as humanly possible – given that we’re still dealing with a third party. Although I know it reflects on us when things are delayed please remember that once we have given the courier the item in good faith, any delays are not our fault and we are on your side to try to resolve things. 

What if I refuse delivery? 

If for whatever reason you decide to refuse the delivery, whether it is on time or has been delayed by the courier network which is out of our hands, the item will be returned to us. Upon receipt of the item coming back we can discuss whether you get a refund or a credit note but in all cases any funds returned to us will be minus the cost of the shipping. This is because when you order and we ship that order, we have done our bit to fulfil it and have paid for the carriage. If you refuse that delivery, we have still paid for the carriage and often have to even pay more for it to come back to us. Therefore please think carefully about refusing a delivery. If the item is clearly damaged however, then please take a photograph of it with the courier still there and make sure that the reason for the refusal is noted as that it is damaged. In this case you will not be liable for the shipping cost and we will do our best to get a replacement sent out to you. 

My item is Damaged. What now? 

On the rare occasion that the courier’s chose the wrong career path and should have maybe gone into wrestling, rugby or javelin and have managed to damage your item (we hope that they do not do this and we try to package your items carefully to mitigate this), please get in touch with us immediately. Please Note. Some couriers will not allow a claim if more than a day has lapsed since it was delivered so please check your items as if you leave it too long we will also not be held responsible if this then means we can’t claim. Please take photos of the item and the packaging and email or WhatsApp them to us. A phone call or text/WhatsApp would also be great so that we pick up on it straight away too. We will then do our best to get a replacement sent out to you asap. 

A Bit About Our Packaging

We are trying to be environmentally conscious if we can with our packaging. We’re trying out some new methods and materials too but we try to reuse as much as we can. Please if you can get another use out of it as well. So “sorry, not sorry” if your packaging looks a bit second hand and used and like we are fly tipping by post. Every bit of nasty plastic that we can reuse more than once helps the planet a bit. We’re also using recycled packaging tape but will be trying out some gummed paper tape too. We’ve just made a move to not using plastic zip lock bags for screws for awning rails for instance but now use off cuts of our label printing paper to make paper wallets, and we’re trying as much as possible to use wood instead of plastic pipes for sending awning rails. If your order does have to be fulfilled using a plastic plumbing pipe – fix up your drains, give it to a plumber, maybe your local school can use it as a flip flop pan pipe set, or use it in the garden as deep watering tubes or with some copper tape around it to deter slugs from your new seedlings which can be placed to grow up through the tube. The possibilities are endless.