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Sacha PilkingtonSomewhere in my wonderful childhood of building dens, playing outdoors all day and always thinking about one invention or another, I developed a love for the outdoors and a skill at overcoming problems. I also have vivid memories of times spent at the beach and away in a trusty (or not as the case may be) Vdub T2 bay window called ‘Neunchin’.

As an adult and a father, I have rekindled that love of the campervan lifestyle and have owned a bay, a wedge a couple of T4, and after many hours of searching am now the proud owner of a well travelled but low mileage T5, which I use as my everyday vehicle. Having started life in Australia, then been imported to France, where I bought it from, it has travelling in its heritage. I enjoy getting on the road, and seeing where it takes us; marshmallows, fishing rods, wetsuits and walking boots….check!

“The adventures and experiences that these vehicles create are the ones that will undoubtedly form great memories.” – Sacha Pilkington

I have found out however, that it can be a very expensive pastime and that the prices charged by many companies for items that make that campervan experience that little bit more comfortable or convenient are extortionate. I therefore resorted to being inventive and it is some of these little touches that I would like to pass on to other campervan enthusiasts….and you don’t even need to have a VW badge to use them!

My vision is for this website to become a go-to resource and hangout for the campervan scene and to receive high quality service and products at affordable prices, and to showcase some of those other great add-ons you might just be looking for but have to wait until the next show to find… if you’re lucky!


Sacha Pilkington

Owner & Inventor of Awning Rails for Campervans
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