Blue Diamond 3.5l Halogen Convection Oven Cooker

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Blue Diamond 3.5l Halogen Convection Oven Cooker

A multifunctional camping cooker that cooks in many healthy ways.

Roasts – Bakes – BBQs – Steams – Defrosts – Grills – Re-heats – Boils without water – Fries without oil!

Ideal for Caravans, Motor homes, Campervans, Camping, Glamping and Boating with Low Wattage it is suitable for all caravans, motorhomes and site hook-ups.

  • Easy to operate with timer and temperature control
  • Cooks food evenly with halogen light technology
  • Heats up quickly – No pre-heating time
  • Healthier cooking without fats and oils
  • Easily stored – takes up little space
  • Safety power cut-out handle
  • 220v – 240v AC 50Hz 700 – 800W.
  • Could be used with a power inverter of appropriate wattage.
  • 65 – 250 Degrees Centigrade thermostat
  • Timer 0 – 60 minutes
  • 2.9Kg
  • 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty

Convection Oven is the Next Generation in Cooking

With convection ovens you can prepare delicious, healthy meals in less time than traditional methods, generally 20 – 30% quicker and use 70 – 80% less power. What makes these superior results possible is the revolutionary approach to certain time-honoured cooking methods.

Professional cooks have long known that they could improve upon traditional oven cooking by using a fan to accelerate the circulation of the oven’s hot air. A normal fan oven consists of a round fan mounted on one side of a square metal box.

The Halogen Convection Oven improves upon traditional convection ovens in the following ways:

  • The convection bowl is made of glass, so that you can clearly see what you are cooking.
  • The Halogen Convection Oven combines a circular bowl with a large fan mounted in the lid so that the hot air currents move down over the food, around the bowl’s sides, and then back up to the fan. This creates a tornado-like flow of constantly moving, super-heated air that cooks and browns food quickly and thoroughly.
  • The Halogen Convection Oven uses cooking racks that allow you to cook two or three levels of food at once. In addition, when meat, poultry or fish are cooked, fats and oils are blown away and fall through the racks into the bottom of the bowl. You will cook lighter (lower in fat & cholesterol), more  nutritious meals, with enhanced natural flavours.
  • Meat and poultry turn out brown and crisp on all sides, moist and juicy on the inside with less fat and cholesterol, and taste better too.
  • Sliced potatoes can be ‘air-fried’ with a very small amount of oil and will turn out crisp and golden brown and very low in fat, usually about 98% fat free. They can be cooked with no oil at all if you are on a strict fat free diet, and still brown and crisp, although a little oilve oil gives them a beautiful finish and delicate flavour.
  • Breads and pastries rise higher and turn fluffier and remain moister than in a standard oven.
  • You can save up to 80% of the energy consumed by a standard oven.




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